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Trabajo : Sales Product Specialist:.

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The company is focused on supplying mission critical, quality approved standard enclosure and accessory solutions, as well as standard special solutions, for a broad spectrum of power distribution and control applications to different industries including machine building.
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Duración de la oferta: hasta el 06/12/2019


* Important multinational company in the industrial field * Experienced Commercial Engineer Descripción de la oferta A Product Specialist is part of the Field Sales Team at those sales offices that have such as resource allocated to them. The processes managed by a Product Specialist include the following: * Provide first line product support by providing help to customers and colleagues using company products and services; * Quoting standard products if complexity is high and/or the size of the opportunity is high; * Taking ownership of commercial quoting and order processing of the most complex customization products classified as 'Assembly Services' and 'Customer Specific Accessories' to ensure customer specifications are met to one hundred per cent; * 1st line product support to the Sales Organization, but they can escalate product support queries to a Product Manager; * Ensuring a good level of product and application knowledge within the sales offices he/she is allocated to; * Review whether company meets tender texts provided by customers. In the communication with a customer, it is important to bear the following in mind: * Communicate courteously with the customers in person or by phone, e-mail and letter; * Have expert knowledge about company products and services and keep up to date on new product developments, changes and white papers; * Adhere to Customer Service procedures in terms of quoting and order entry; * Be aware of warranties and sales conditions. Regarding time management, the Product Specialist should: * Plan his/her activities with Field Sales and supervision of the Sales Director; * Allocate his time to opportunities in the Closing phase to ensure his time is spent on technical support; * Spend at minimum of two days in the office to follow up administrative issues; * Be available to conduct Product Trainings at the company International Training Center or in one of his/her sales units. Perfil del candidato * Industrial Engineer. * Experience as an industrial and commercial technician. * Essential advanced English. * Availability to travel. Oferta de empleo * Responsibility and career development.


*Industrial Engineer. *Experience as an industrial and commercial technician. *Essential advanced English. *Availability to travel.


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