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Trabajo : Claims Supervisor:Megajobs US

La descripción del trabajo.:

Trabajo :

Claims Supervisor

Megajobs US

Company : Megajobs US
Location : Spain
Job Type : Full-time
Job Status : Permanent

**Description:** Scope -Create a dynamic and stimulating work environment for all colleagues in the unit -Organise the workflow of the unit in order to achieve the required level of service to the clients -Take final responsibility for delicate files and projects handled within the unit Job content _Organisational_ -Organising and following up the workflow of the unit in order to achieve in an efficient and effective waythe commercial and administrative targets of own unit and also the targets of Customer Services in general.Quality, smooth response time and customer satisfaction are the motivators. -Analysing current workflows and procedures and looking creatively for possible ways of optimisingthese processes. Where necessary in collaboration with other units and/or departments. -Key person regarding implementation of new contracts at the units. -Is responsible for his/her own results (quality and quantity) and for the results of his/her employees. _Commercial_ -Establish an excellent relationship with the clients via phone contacts (on a frequent basis) and ifnecessary via a personal visit. -Taking on an active and steering role in important and sensitive files and projects. -Internal focus point for complaints and/or problems regarding claims, handling of contracts of theunit. -Following up on client satisfaction (via client satisfaction survey, complaints follow-up _Coaching_ -Acting as a motivator and stimulator in order to create a dynamic and agreeable work environment. -Stimulating communication within own unit and between own unit and other units/departments. -Being the contact person for employees regarding personal problems or problems and questions aroundspecific files. -Responding to individual needs of employees regarding job content and training. -Evaluating and coaching employees in their position _Strategic_ -Together with Customer Services? senior management; adapting Customer Services? administrative processes to the commercial business plan. Being the driving force for changes by taking decisions andresponsibility. -Helping to implement the general corporate strategy and adapt it to his/her specific work domain. _Knowledge_ _-_ Keeping professional knowledge permanently up to date in order to anticipate what is coming and toevolve in line with company growth and expectations of clients. -Follow-up on trends in the health care market. _In relation to other positions_ + Working in (close) consultation with otherCustomer Services? Heads and the Operations Manager IGO Medical Customer Service. + Key internal person for all other units and departments on issues relating to the unit. Close collaboration with the Account Managers. **Qualifications:** Specific Knowledge -Active language knowledge of at least English and French -An extra language may be required, depending on the contracts assigned -At least 5 years of relevant work experience -Solid knowledge of administrative processes and customer services -Advanced knowledge of Microsoft office - and own IT- applications Skills -Sociable: correct, professional and at ease in contact with different stake holders (clients, colleagues, -team members, superiors, ?) -Organisational skills: is able to plan, prioritise and coordinate tasks in an efficient way. -Accurate: accurately controls own work and work of team members in order to achieve faultless administration. -Analytical: is able to invent, set up and evaluate procedures to achieve the fixed targets. -Decisive: is able to set clear targets for him/herself and appropriate targets for his/her team members and takes decisions autonomously. -Empathic: is able to imagine oneself in the situation of or see the point of view of others. -Managerial skills: knows how to motivate and evaluate a team, how to delegate tasks in an efficient way and how to stimulate cooperation in his/her own team and also with other units and departments. -Independent: is able to work independently. -Pro-active and problem-solving: anticipates in a creative way expectations of clients and expectations of the company and formulates proposals for appropriate improvement. -Writing skills: conveying clear and to-the-point messages in the appropriate style. -Responsible: takes care that the assigned tasks are followed up in a dutiful, timely and correct way. -Discipline: pays attention to procedures, agreements and document flows. -Efficient: finds a good balance between quality and quantity. -Discreet: works discreetly with confidential (medical) information. **Primary Location:** Madrid-Spain **Work Locations:** Parque Empresarial La Finca Madrid 28223 **Job:** Bus Ops Claims **Schedule:** Regular **Shift:** Standard **Employee Status:** Manager of People **Job Type:** Full-time **Job Level:** Day Job **Travel:** **Job Posting:** Jun 27, 2016, 2:45:26 AM

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