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Trabajo : Scrum Master - Agile Coach:

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Trabajo :

Scrum Master - Agile Coach - Madrid

   » Madrid - España
   » Analista Programador
   » Jornada completa
   » Experiencia: 2 años
   » Tipo contrato: Indefinido
   » 24/09/2018
   » scrum
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scrum, Madrid

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Scrum Master - Agile Coach

Everis Spain



As part of a team of Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters based in Madrid, his mission is to develop a high performance, self-organized and motivated teams (composed by Business and IT), that collaborates and improves continuously.

Main accountabilities:
· Process responsible, transmit the Agile values and principles.
· Facilitate Scrum meetings, make the team flow and creates synergies.
· Guide teams towards improving the way they work.
· Remove impediments that the team cannot solve by itself.
Main activities:
· Provide coaching/mentoring to team members in Agile-Scrum principles and practices in order to create high performance teams.
· Facilitate Scrum meetings and workshops in order to obtain quick feedback and create synergies for best solutions.
· Assist the Product Owner with keeping the Product Backlog groomed based on Business value and establish a Release Plan.
· Facilitate team growing workshops: team agreements, games to learn and conflict resolution.
· Create and maintain Agile-Scrum artefacts as Boards for Visual Management, Definition of Done, Definition of Ready, Burndowns, etc.
· Gather relevant indicators and metrics related with business value, client expectations, productivity, quality and motivation in order to help the team see how they are doing.
· Protect the team from external interruptions and distractions ensuring the team is focused on the tasks at hand.
· Impediment-risk solving and scaling to Management of organizational and third party issues that cannot be solved by herself.
· Connect people who should talk together. She avoids being a proxy between developers and Product Owner or other team´s members.
· Work with other Scrum Masters to ensure that the ways of working are consistent across the teams.
· Assist in cross-team coordination and competence growing of team members.
· Hold "One To One" meetings with team members in order to know their motivations and how to improve the team.

· Good communicator and social:
o Empathy, ability to listen and understand.
· Team creator:
o Abilities for developing a real team from a group of people. Ensure that there is shared vision and the existence of common objectives, in order to foster collaboration.
o Grow the team and empower them to take decisions, promote self-organization & autonomy in order to create more shared commitment.
· Learning and continuous improvement mindset.
· Problem addresser:
o Focus on simplicity and "good enough" approaches, not the "best" late solutions.
· Enthusiastic, energetic, passionate about her transformation work.

Experience in models for helping Product Owner with modern Agile - Lean Startup Product Management techniques.
· Experience working in a corporate environment.
· Experience working in concurrent or related Scrum teams.
· Knowledge on models and methodologies for project management, software quality and development, based on other agile methods (Kanban, XP and Lean Software Development) and on traditional methods (PMBOK, CMMI, ISO9126).
· Technical or Engineering degree. Desirable in Computer Science or Telecommunications Tecnologías


Funciones Profesionales
   » Analista Programador

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   » Imprescindible Residir: Provincia Puesto
   » Idioma: Inglés
   » Experiencia: 2 años
   » Formación Mínima: FP2/Grado Superior
   » Nivel Profesional: Empleado
   » Tipo contrato: Indefinido
   » Jornada: Jornada completa
   » Honorarios: No especificado


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