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Trabajo : Nursery Teachers - United Kingdom- Greater London:

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Duración de la oferta: hasta el 16/06/2018


The employer is a well-resourced independent nursery, with deep roots in Montessori methodology and EYFS standards, with locations in Northolt, Southall and Windmill. Job Description: - Have a good understanding of the individual needs of children. - Making observations and assessments. - Manage day to day paperwork - Have a good understanding of safeguarding procedures. - Maintain a high standard of cleanliness,health and safety. - Be punctual, trustworthy, and able to use own initiative.


Main Requirements: - Good English communication skills - both written and verbal - EU nationality - Experience in a day-care setting - Bachelor Degree in Early Years / Pre - School (0 - 6 Years old) - Mandatory - A sound knowledge of child development for children aged birth to five years old - An understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum - An understanding of a play based approach to children?s learning and the value of outdoors experiences

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The employer is offering: - Type of contract- Permanent/Full Time - Number of working Hours/ week- between 40 and 45 hours/ week - Hourly salary from £8, depending on Qualifications and Experience - Induction period, if applicable - Benefits packages include pension and 28 days of paid leave


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